Concerned Citizens Advocating Responsible Policies

We are responsible Americans who appreciate the freedom to enjoy libations and are passionate about securing individual liberty to delight in that pleasure. We share in the common beliefs that demonization of alcohol and those who enjoy it makes for irresponsible public policy.  Criminalization of consumers is doing more harm to society than the overbroad evils attributed to beverage alcohol.

Unfortunately, we people of good cheer have remained silent in the face of vilifying attacks on the consumption of alcohol.  Initially, it seemed only “bad” people were being targeted.  The words used by MADD and the government through relentless propaganda seemed to be pointing to an apparent societal problem or growing threat to our collective wellbeing.  Who could be opposed to a mother who had lost a child?  Nobody.

The nannies and neo-prohibitionists saw their opening and pounced.  The founder of MADD left in disgust after her noble efforts were high-jacked by people with an entirely different agenda to pursue.  We didn’t realize as it was unfolding that it was actually a brilliant manipulation of words and emotions, designed to fabricate a false narrative exempt from examination or challenge.  The momentum the nannies have gained has developed such force there are now millions of victims of the government overreach spawned by the neo-prohibitionist agenda.  The numbers now favor those of us who are responsible consumers. is seeking to identify, educate and unite concerned citizens, in order to arm them with the knowledge necessary to pierce the neo-prohibitionist misinformation machine and protect the producers, distributors, purveyors and consumers of libations from ruinous, over-burdensome laws.  We seek to rally other like-minded individuals to join us in support of free enterprise and constitutionally protected freedoms.

Our goal is to help protect all our rights by facilitating organized opposition to irresponsible laws and policies that are sapping society by making “criminals” out of law-abiding people, simply because they consume alcohol.  We are grassroots organization comprised of the entire circle of those who enjoy beverages.  We are the majority of Americans who responsibly enjoy drinking beer, wine and spirits, celebrating the joys and sorrows of life with a glass of cheer.

We have realized that government goes to those who show up. We understand that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  We will give people the tools to break through the propaganda and media noise and provide access to state and federal officials, in order to counter the misguided neo-prohibitionist agenda that has been running unchecked for more than 30 years.

Preserving our right to pursue happiness and honest work demands all Americans stand up and inform their elected officials of what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to society’s laws. will work to hold government officials to our central requirement for enactment of laws surrounding alcoholic beverages and those who enjoy them: That they be approached with caution in order to ensure the power of the government is not used to make irresponsible laws.

Our website is designed to help make your voice louder than your vote. Whether it’s educating you on important issues, or helping you contact elected officials, we want to make your activism as effective and easy as possible.

We are responsible. We drink. We vote.